Saving Links

  • How do I save links to my Delicious?

    You have a few options for saving links. The easiest way to save links to Delicious is with the bookmarklet, a simple button for your browser you use when you're browsing the web. Second, you can always click the green "+ Link" button at the top right corner of any page on Delicious to open a link-saving box. Finally, simply click on the "+" icon associated with links you see on Delicious to add that link to your own list.

  • How do I edit or delete my links?

    Once you've saved a link, you can always go back to add a description or tags, change the privacy setting, or delete it. Head to the "My Links" tab on your profile page to see a list of your links and edit or delete any of them by clicking on the pencil shaped edit icon.

  • How do I make a link private?

    Links you save on Delicious are public by default, but you can also choose to make them private, which means only you will see them. A small "lock" icon will appear next to your private links. You can change the privacy setting on links anytime with the pencil shaped edit button. You can also make multiple links private/public by selecting the checkbox next to each link in your "My Links" and choosing "Make Private" or "Make Public."

  • What are tags?

    Tags are short, handy keywords that help you categorize and easily find your Delicious links again.

  • How do I add tags?

    When saving or editing a link, you'll see a field for tags. Or, after a link has been saved, click on the pencil shaped edit button to add tags. Enter as many tags as you like. Tags can be one word or several; separate each new tag with a comma. You can always rename or delete tags later.

  • Can tags be composed of multiple words?

    Tags can be a phrase or few words if you'd like. Use commas to separate your tags so that Delicious knows where to begin and end each tag.

  • How do I import my bookmarks or export links from Delicious?

    Log in and head to your "Settings" page, found by mousing over the "Profile" button on the top right of Delicious. There you'll find options to both import and export your links or browser bookmarks.

  • Argh. There's a problem with my bookmark import process. What do I do?

    Large imports can take some time to complete, sometimes as long as a day. If you have received an "import completed" email and you are still not seeing your links, contact us via the feedback email and we'll look into the problem.

  • How can I get links from my Twitter account?

    Log in and head to your "Settings" page, found by mousing over the "Profile" button on the top right of Delicious. Under the "Sources" tab you'll find options for connecting your Twitter account.

  • What else should I know about connecting Twitter?

    • - Tweets are not imported in real time. Depending on circumstances, it can be as little as five minutes or as much as 24 hours before they appear on Delicious.
    • - Favorited tweets' links will retain the date they were originally published.
    • - Twitter hash tags will be converted to unique tags on Delicious.

Following, Inbox, & My Feed

  • What is following?

    Following allows you to see new links posted on Delicious by other users you like. Click on your "My Feed" tab to keep track of the users you decide to follow.

  • How do I follow someone on Delicious?

    When you come across a user on Delicious who's collecting great stuff, click on their profile pic or user name to go to their profile page. Then, click the green "Follow" button.

  • What's the "Inbox"?

    The "Inbox" link in the top navigation bar is where you receive shared links sent directly to you by other Delicious users. All inbox messages are private and not visible to other users.

  • What's "My Feed"?

    Your "Feed" is where you will see the latest updates from the users you choose to follow.

Account Settings

  • It's been a while, and I forgot my password. How can I get it back?

    Select the password reminder option when you sign in to Delicious to have your password reset and sent to the email you assigned for your account.

  • How do I change my password?

    Click over to your Settings page and you'll find a "Password" tab where you can create a new password for your account.

  • Can I change my username?

    Unfortunately, once you've set your username, you can't change it. If you want, you can use the export and import features in your settings to move your links to a new account that you create.

  • How do I change my profile picture?

    From the "Picture" tab on your Settings page, you can upload any gif, jpeg, or bmp less than 5 mb by selecting it from your computer and uploading it. Once it's processed, you'll be able to choose the crop you want to get the best avatar. Click "submit crop", and a few seconds later you'll have a new profile picture.

  • How do I deactivate my account?

    To deactivate your account, head to your Settings and click the "deactivate account" link in the "TOOLS" list on the right side of the page.

  • Why is my account no longer on Delicious?

    The new owners of Delicious were legally required to obtain permission from Yahoo! users before migrating their bookmarks to the new site. Despite best efforts to inform everyone over months of emails, prompts at every Delicious log-in, posts and press, some users did not learn about it in time, so their accounts could not be migrated.

  • I missed the opt-in period, can I recover my bookmarks?

    Unfortunately, if you missed the opt-in to migrate your account from Yahoo!, all that data stayed on Yahoo! servers. After extending the amount of time users could recover their data by more than a month after migration, the servers have since been decomissioned and the data is no longer available.

  • I used to log in with my Yahoo! account. Why doesn't that work?

    If you used to log in with your Yahoo! account and you opted-in to the migration, you chose a unique Delicious username that you now need to use. Can't remember your new username? Try your yahoo ID name (without the first, and if that doesn't work try searching for links you saved on Delicious to find any associated user comments.

  • I can't remember my username. Why can't you just find it by looking up my email address?

    Since Delicious did not historically validate unique email addresses, we cannot use email addresses to identify previous Delicious accounts. We are in the process of implementing email validation to prevent this issue in the future.

  • How do I export my links from Delicious?

    If you want to export or back up your Delicious links, head to your Settings page and select the "export/back up links" option. You'll go to a page where you can set your export preferences to generate an html file with your links, tags and notes included.

  • How do I import the links from my browser into Delicious?

    If you have links bookmarked in your browser(s), it's easy to import them into Delicious. Usually in the Manage Bookmarks section of your browser, there will be an option to export your bookmarks. Once you've exported your browser bookmarks, head to your Delicious Settings page, click the "import/upload links" link, select the file with the exported bookmarks, and click import. Depending on the system load and the number of bookmarks being imported, this process can take some time. You will be emailed when the import is complete.

  • There's a problem with my import process. What do I do?

    Occasionally large imports take time to complete, so please wait a day before reporting an issue. If you have received an "import completed" email and you are still not seeing your bookmarks, you may have set your imported bookmarks to private and will need to sign in to see them. Otherwise, send us a feedback email and we'll look into the problem.

  • What is the URL for my account? is a handy shortcut URL for It can also be a shortcut to your account; anyone can navigate to to see your public page on Delicious.

  • How do I change my notification preferences?

    Head to your Settings page and click on the "Notifications" tab to choose and change your email alert preferences. You can receive emails when you have a new follower, a stack of yours has a new follower, when a link or stack is shared to your inbox, when you're featured, or when there's an update to a stack you follow. Not getting notifications? Make sure your email is correct in your Settings "Profile" tab.

Tools, Feeds, APIs, Bookmarklets and Buttons

  • Where are all the tools, buttons, bookmarklets and widgets?

    They're all located on the Tools page; you'll also find a link to the Tools page at the bottom of every page on Delicious.

  • Where is the documentation for the RSS, API, JSON and HTML feeds?

    Feed information is found on the Developer's page and API info is also on the Developer's Page.

  • How do I install the bookmarklets into my browser?

    You can install them by visiting the Bookmarklets page and following the instructions posted there.

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