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Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Test

YUI Test is a testing framework for browser-based JavaScript solutions. Using YUI Test, you can easily add unit testing to your JavaScript solutions. While not a direct port from any specific xUnit framework, YUI Test does derive some characteristics from nUnit and JUnit.

YUI Test features:

Rapid creation of test cases through simple syntax.

Advanced failure detection for methods that throw errors.

Grouping of related test cases using test suites.

Asynchronous tests for testing events and Ajax communication.

DOM Event simulation in all A-grade browsers.

Video: Test-Driven Development with YUI Test

In this 48-minute tech talk from October 2008, Yahoo! engineer Nicholas C. Zakas introduces you to the world of test-driven development and how it can be applied to JavaScript projects using YUI Test. [iPod/iPhone compatible download also available.]

Getting Started

To use YUI Test, include the following source files in your web page: