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Yahoo! UI Library: Color Picker Control

The Color Picker Control provides a rich visual interface for color selection. The interaction is a familiar one from the desktop paradigm: Color range and saturation are adjusted via sliders while the technical details of the current color are displayed in RGB, hex, and/or HSV formats.

The Color Picker Control can be used inline or displayed within a popup Dialog; you'll find examples of both of these implementations in the examples section.

Getting Started

To use the Color Picker Control, include the following source files in your web page with the


tags. It is recommended that you use the


rollup of all the YUI Utilities when using Color Picker. Color Picker's richest user experience requires the Animation Utility, and when used within a Dialog Control the Color Picker commonly uses Connection Manager to save values back to the server. Using


gives you all the potential power of Color Picker's optional dependencies in addition to its required ones — and all in a single file. (The minimum requirements for Color Picker are Yahoo, Dom, Event, Element, Drag and Drop, and Slider.)