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If you know the Pine incoming-folders, default-fcc, or folder-collections specification, amount of IMAP-accessible storage space, or fees at these or any other IMAP provider, please let me know and I'll include them on this page.

The List — 251 More Reasonably-Priced IMAP Service Providers

In addition to the more than 100 IMAP providers that I discuss in The Table above, this section lists a couple hundred more IMAP providers that I have not yet added to The Table. -- virus filtering, $2.00/10 MB/month -- I read in a discussion forum that they support IMAP, but I don't see this mentioned on their site / -- cPanel -- site is available in Chinese or English; located in Hong Kong -- 2 MB free, Premium Accounts, “Transparent, end-to-end 2048 bit encryption”; affiliated with Freeform and pre-designed packages -- Cyrus IMAP -- cPanel; Pre-Sales Q & A > Do you support IMAP?; supports SPF as of 2004 -Sep-14 -- “Unlimited Email Storage” (might be a reason to ), Australian company; also see this EMD thread -- Twig webmail and (and many other countries) -- AOL's Open Mail Access, which includes access to their IMAP and SMTP (but not POP) servers using any mail client, made its world-wide debut on 2004 April 5; supports SPF; for details see Accessing the AOL Mail System using IMAP & Authenticated SMTP: An Unofficial Guide , Can I use a third-party email program with my AOL email?, and F.A.Q UNIVERSAL E-MAIL AND NEWSGROUPS WHATEVER THE ISP YOU USE (AOL INCLUDED); Warning: AOL expires old messages off of their IMAP server and the AOL IMAP server does not support the IMAP SEARCH command.

Also see the aim.