Radio UserLand: Tune Into Radio

Radio is an easy-to-use Weblog tool that runs on your desktop. Radio will automatically build your weblog, organize and archive your posts, and publish it to the Web in minutes. It takes all of the hassle out of website publishing so you can focus on writing, posting pictures, and linking to sites you like. If you like simplicity, ease-of-use, and saving money, Radio is the tool for you. UserLand provides one year of optional hosting for your Radio weblog when you purchase the software. Also, Radio makes it possible to edit your site while off-line and publish it quickly over a dial-up connection.

Radio includes a powerful newsreader that allows you to subscribe to all of the sites you like. Radio will automatically go out onto the Web and find new updates to sites like the NYTimes, the BBC, and weblogs that you subscribe to every hour. Radio will then display all updates to these sites in a single news page for easy scanning. It is a great productivity tool for people that want to keep up with the news. Pricing, versions, screens Radio UserLand costs only $39.95. Radio includes a year of optional hosting for your weblog (that's $3.33 a month! for the software, hosting, and software updates) with up to 40MB of storage space. Updates to the software can be renewed for additional years at the same price. Hosting may change in price in the future. You also have the option of publishing your Radio weblog to any location you desire using Radio's support for FTP (for example an ISP or an Intranet server). Try a 30-day free trial today, you will be publishing in minutes. Radio UserLand is available in versions for Macintosh OS X, Macintosh Classic, and Windows XP, 2000, NT and 98. Macintosh Classic users running MSIE -- it's highly recommended that you read this note, for optimal performance.

Rogers Cadenhead, author of Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours has written a book called Radio UserLand Kick Start.