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YUI PHP Loader Utility [beta]

The YUI PHP Loader Utility is a server-side utility that allows you to load specific YUI components and their dependencies into your page via PHP. YUI PHP Loader can operate as a holistic solution by loading all of your necessary YUI components, or it can be used to add one or more components to a page on which some YUI content already exists.

YUI also contains a client-side loader, which provides similar functionality from JavaScript.

YUI PHP Loader adds value in the following ways:

Reliable, sorted loading of dependencies: YUI comprises more than two-dozen components, many of which work together to provide the best possible compromise between compartmentalization and code reuse. Because of this, YUI components often need to load with specific dependencies in a specific order. YUI PHP Loader understands which components depend on one another, and based on this knowledge it ensures that the right resources are loaded in the right order.

Automatic use of rolled-up files. YUI PHP Loader knows about all of the built-in rollup files that ship with YUI — like the


file that contains the Yahoo Global Object, the Dom Collection, and the Event Utility, three components that are commonly used together. By automatically using rolled-up files when it makes sense to do so, the YUI PHP Loader helps you reduce HTTP requests and thereby keep your page as efficient as possible.

As you think about how you want to load YUI on the page, you may find it useful to refer to this overview of some of the most common loading strategies and their relative merits:

"Loading YUI: Seeds, Core, and Combo-handling", by Eric Miraglia on YUIBlog.(Note: While this reference talks mostly about client side loading the basic concepts are still applicable)

YUI Theater: Chad Auld — Introducing PHP Loader

Chad Auld of Yahoo!