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Yahoo! UI Library: Browser History Manager

Client-side changes to a web page's content and structure are not recorded by the browser's history engine. As a consequence, the navigation buttons (back/forward) we've learned to use as we traverse the World Wide Web of documents don't usually serve us well when we begin exploring the World Wide Web of applications. Bookmarking, too, is problematic in web applications, as the application can change state hundreds of times through the course of a session without any change to the original document's URL. These are significant problems in the current paradigm of web application development.

The YUI Browser History Manager is a utility designed to facilitate the creation of web applications in which the navigation buttons are fully functional and in which broad aspects of an application's state — what panels are open, what tabs are active, etc. — can be bookmarked.

Note: Opera is not supported by the Browser History Manager at this time. Please refer to the Known Limitations section for more information.

Getting Started

To use the Browser History Manager, include the following source files in your web page: