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(not) common people

Name- Thomas Albdorf Age- 30 Your equipment- Mamiya Universal, Mamiya C 330, Canon EOS Elan 2 (my workhorse), all mainly fueled with Kodak Portra, and a Canon EOS 550D. Influences and photographers you like- I get constantly influenced by so many things, consciously as well as unconsciously...influences I'm quite certain of are: Marcel Duchamp, Roman Signer, Koki Tanaka , Lucas Blalock , David Brandon Geeting , Marlon Kowalski... many more. A little about you- I don't have enough time to do all the things I want/have to do respectively I can't chill, but I'm really working on it.


Name- Fred Csupor Age- Older than Justin Bieber, younger than Jeff Wall Where are you from?- I was born in France and I live in Switzerland. Your equipment- I use a lot of different cameras, from 24x36 to 4x5. I use only film, color and B&W. I'm still looking for my own format. Everybody has a format. The key is to find it. But it can take a lifetime. Influences and photographers you like- I don't know how to define my influences. I like a lot of photographers. Too many to mention. A little about you- I live to make pictures and i make pictures to live. I make also movies an video clips. I travel a lot to discover, I discover to take pictures. The main thing for me is to tell or create stories. Yeah, stories are life's fuel.